Let’s Celebrate Educators

There are a lot of great things happening in schools, universities, TAFES and other educational institutions across Australia. The teaching profession is full of dedicated  professionals who are passionate about their work and are constantly finding new and better ways to inspire and challenge their students.

At Edutweetoz we want to share those stories. We want to showcase the work of teachers from across  Australia and let the world know about the great things happening in our schools, universities and other educational institutions.

Each week  we feature a different educator as the host of our rotation curation twitter account, @edutweetoz, and we’ll be adding profiles of educators as well as other good news stories here on this blog.

Follow our blog to keep up to date and use the share buttons to let others  know about the good work that teachers are doing.

We’re tired of the negative stereotypes that abound about teachers. Teachers are professional, well-educated and dedicated people who care deeply for their students. We’re not in it for the money or the myth of short working hours and long holidays.

We teach because we care about our students, we care about learning and we care about our nation’s future.  Let’s start celebrating the work of teachers.


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