GLAM – Galleries, Libraries and Museums (an excellent acronym) with Jan Molloy

ImageThis week we were so privileged to have Jan Molloy share her story as a museum educator. Jan shared some amazing pictures and resources with us and had the brilliant idea of asking other educators to share their experiences of museums, libraries and galleries and how we can best use them.

We heard about how @connectedtchr takes students on overseas educational experiences, very amazing stories! How other teachers from rural areas use online resources from museums and access programs like ‘Museum in a box’. Through these stories and all the sharing we found out about the rich resources available to educators and how these resources are relevant to current issues and topics. Jan shared a number of resources in response to the issue of ‘casual racism’ that was a hot topic in the media this week and it was great to hear how other educators address this issue in their practice.

This week’s tweeting demonstrates the knowledge and experience of educators and how much we can learn from each other. You can find the storify of Jan’s week here. Take the time to have a read and bookmark some of the amazing resources recommended by Jan and other educators.

A huge @EduTweetOz thank you to Jan for coordinating so many educators to share and being so passionate in her commitment to sharing about resources outside the classroom. Such a great week!


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