Jan Molloy – Immigration Museum, Melbourne

Jan Molloy is the humanities program coordinator at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.  She tweeted for @edutweetoz in May 2013. Here are her responses to our questions.

Jan Molloy

Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your current role and what does it involve?

I am currently Programs Coordinator, Humanities, at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne. This title doesn’t really give you any indication of what I do so here goes ; I oversee the development of all education programming at the Immigration Museum. This involves our on site sessions where groups visit the museum (excursions), plus all the other education related activities associated with the museum. I work with universities and TAFE colleges and facilitate programs for undergrad and post grad students, particularly Education studies students. I present sessions and workshops at conferences , regularly at the HTAV and VATE annual conference and also at MLTAV and SLAV, mainly profiling programs and initiatives at the museum.

What did you plan to talk about on Edutweetoz during your guest week?

I planned to introduce the EduTweetOz community to the Galleries, Libraries and Museums (GLAM ) network as a resource for learning and encourage discussion and sharing of resources and expectations of this sector. I really enjoy the conversations and community of practice that Twitter(SM in general ) encourages and I hoped to use my week as guest Tweeter to share what I know about the sector and open some more lines of communication for myself and others. I asked specific people from across Australia to share their answers to four questions related to excursions and GLAM orgs. as the opportunity to hear from the length and breadth of this wide brown land really excites me.

Who are your teaching role models and why?

I was really fortunate to begin my teaching career in a very new school in Melbourne’s western suburbs in the mid 1970s. Paisley High School was innovative, exciting and the staff in 1975 were very young, very passionate and very fortunate to have David Collins as their principal. We experimented, taught in open plan classrooms and ran programs at year 7 and 8 where 100 students and 5 teachers negotiated curriculum, based on individual inquiry projects (echoes of Genius hour, PBL and the Flipped classroom). We also ran a community based learning program and students worked with child care centres, elderly citizens and in the hospitality department of the local oil refinery. This was my world of work for 4 years – I moved to more traditional schools but never forgot what excitement, motivation and engagement looked like.

What issues do you think are most pressing for teachers today?

The pressure from outside the school to fit to a prescribed curriculum and complete standardised testing. Reporting that is generated by comments boxes and the need to write a book on every child. The pressure to measure success by end of school exams, perceived lack of respect , poor wages relative to other careers … I am stressed just putting this down.

To learn more about Jan Molloy or to connect with her follow her on twitter: @janpcim



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