Introducing @stuey_mac, Y4 Teacher from the Western Australian Goldfields

This week’s new guest tweeter is @stuey_mac, a Year 4 teacher from WA. Here is his response to our 5 questions*.


Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your current role and what does it involve?

I am a proud Year Four teacher at a Catholic co-ed K-6 Primary school in the goldfields of W.A. with eventual aspirations to be part of a school leadership team. I also run the school chess club as well as an a/hours writing club.

What do you plan to talk about on Edutweetoz this week?

Anything & Everything – though I do have a particular passion for gifted education, technology in the classroom, teacher mentoring, and teacher quality/training. I hope to create discussion about different issues while at the same time helping anyone who needs it 🙂

Who are your teaching role models and why?

I am so lucky to be surrounded by many positive role models in my school…but my best role model is my music teacher from high school. He showed me the importance of developing quality relationships with my students, and his sense of humour and passion for his subject area was a key reason in me deciding to study music.

What issues do you think are most pressing for teachers today?

I think the biggest issue facing teachers today is how to utilise all the fantastic resources that exist for us in a way that improves the learning of our students. There are so many potential issues for teachers…and for each it may be different to the next 🙂

What are your hopes for education in the next 10 years?

Wow what a big question…ten years seems ilk such a world away sometimes! I would hope that in ten years time the focus for schools and education has switched from the often seen funding/money debate and instead switched to how can improve the quality of our teachers. If we can work on developing the best teachers in the world the learning outcomes of our students will improve, and our education system will become much stronger.

To connect with or learn more about @stuey_mac, follow him on Twitter and check out his blog.

* Our five questions are inspired by the IndigenousX series in Guardian Australia’s ‘Comment is Free’.


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