About Dr Greg Thompson (@effectsofNAPLAN) , this week’s guest tweeter

This week @EdutweetOz will be hosted by another academic. Dr Greg Thompson of Murdoch University answers our 5 questions here.


Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your current role and what does it involve?

Currently I am an ARC Research Fellow at Murdoch University investigating the effects that NAPLAN is having on school communities in WA and SA. Before that I worked in the initial teacher education program at Murdoch University. Prior to starting at Murdoch in 2009 I was a High School English/History teacher who dabbled in HPE and Woodwork.

What do you plan to talk about on Edutweetoz this week?

I can talk about many things, NAPLAN, education policy, research, working with pre-service teachers.

Who are your teaching role models and why?

Don’t know. I follow a lot of teachers on twitter who seem fairly impressive.

What issues do you think are most pressing for teachers today?

Where to start? I think education is changing at all levels, and while we shouldn’t fear change, we should certainly pay attention to the ways that it is changing, and think about what those changes will most likely produce.

What are your hopes for education in the next 10 years?

I would like to see our current debates on ‘quality’ and ‘effectiveness’ shelved so we can focus on improving student learning, valuing our teachers as professionals and building an education system that continues to reflect on what is being produced, and how happy we are with that.

To connect with Greg Thompson, you can follow him on Twitter @effectsofNAPLAN. 


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