This week’s @EduTweetOz host, @MelanieSSpencer, answers our 5 questions.

We are so happy to introduce this week’s host @MelanieSSpencer. Melanie’s passion for education is apparent in so many ways. She actively shares and contributes her knowledge and experience on twitter in many different ways. We are very excited to hear from her as @Edutweetoz!


Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your current role and what does it involve?

I am currently Acting Principal at Brindabella Christian College. My role is to oversee the Lyneham Campus while our Executive Principal lays the foundation for the inaugural class at out Charnwood campus. I also lead the executive staff and support the teaching and learning at the College. Happily, I still teach one Year 11/12 English class… a source of great joy. I love my students and love learning with them.

What do you plan to talk about on Edutweetoz this week?

I would like to talk about teaching and leading between the paradigms of old and new ways of learning. I think the 21st century found us unprepared and 13 years in we are still trying to figure out how to make the old way of schooling fit with new ways of learning that haven’t existed before. The whole landscape has changed… From learning spaces to learning tools. Some are happy to play in that space, others would rather stay with the familiar. I believe we need to hold the hands of reluctant educators, parents and students and give them courage to lay aside old mindsets and to engage with the new.

Who are your teaching role models and why?

My ultimate role model is Parker Palmer who famously said ‘We teach who we are’. I adhere to his philosophy that we teach in relationship to know as we are known. I also believe it takes courage to teach. I think every English teacher should read C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Abolition of Man’ and find encouragement to ‘irrigate deserts’. I also admire the work of John Hattie and Angela Maiers.

What issues do you think are most pressing for teachers today?

As stated above, I think learning to engage well with the rapidly changing nature of learning and access to learning is the most pressing thing.

What are your hopes for education in the next 10 years?

To see greater cross sectoral relationship and to see students embracing learning in school as part of life rather than separate to it. I want to continue riding the wave of change. I want students to have the opportunity to excel in their areas of gifting. I want teachers to be esteemed as the extraordinary people that they are. I want education to be regarded as more than a political football.

To connect with Melanie you can follow her on Twitter – @MelanieSSpencer


One thought on “This week’s @EduTweetOz host, @MelanieSSpencer, answers our 5 questions.

  1. Thanks Melaine! It really is simply amazing to get to know other educators across our wonderful nation, that we may never have had the opportunity to meet before the event of social media! Thanks for all your time and dedication to @edutweetoz and thanks for passing on the privilege to me this week of August.

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