Introducing Wes Heberlein

I love how EduTweetOz allows us to hear from educators from around Australia. This week we are leaving Tasmania and will be hearing from Wes Heberlein who works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Yeppoon, a coastal town in central Queensland.


Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your current role and what does it involve?

A proud Pacific Islander heritage from the Solomon Islands. I currently work as an Indigenous Educator at St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon and teach the odd class. We are a boys boarding school and I work both school-side and in boarding with the 115 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who come from all over Queensland and interstate. It’s a pretty broad ranging role acting as a pseudo parent for the boys. It’s a pretty time demanding role with lots of mentoring, coaching, career advice, counselling, etc. Also the unofficial rugby union coordinator and resident super-coach!

What do you plan to talk about on Edutweetoz this week?

This week I’m going to talk about 21st century education, indigenising schools, sandwich generation and the power of young people, Yr 7 to high school (in Qld), and the student-athlete model.

Who are your teaching role models and why?

Most of my teaching role models were also my sports coaches at school. I’ve been inspired by some American College sports coaches like Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and Lou Holtz. I believe there are parallels between good coaches and good teachers.

What issues do you think are most pressing for teachers today?

Some of most pressing issues in teaching today include 21st century learning theory, National Curriculum, education reform, Maths/Sciences, health and well-being, Indigenous Education in Australia and Pasifika Education in the low-socio economic areas.

What are your hopes for education in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years I hope to see more access to education for Australians. The links between school and community will provide greater opportunity and experiences for school students. Closing of the gap in educational outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

To connect with Wes,  follow him on Twitter at @WesHeberlein

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