Wes tells us about his week hosting @EduTweetOz

A few weeks ago, Wes Heberlein hosted @EduTweetOz. It was an interesting week full of robust and powerful discussions. He recently published a reflection on his experience as host:

My Week as guest tweeter curating the @EduTweetOz 
(Twitter account which connects over 2000 educators across Australia)
It was with great excitement that I accepted the opportunity the invitation to curate the @EduTweetOz account.  This however, morphed into a more nervous state as trepidation grew and I began questioning myself; What am I going to talk about? Will I be interesting? Am I going to sound stupid?
To find out how his week turned out, read the rest of this article at Wes’s blog.



5 thoughts on “Wes tells us about his week hosting @EduTweetOz

  1. Hello Wes , I would have to agree , the experience of being ‘guest tweeter’ is challenging but so very rewarding . I found the pace exhilarating and the conversations focused my thinking on many aspects of education in Australia and indeed the world. Thoroughly recommend it and so happy to be part of the Edutweetoz community

    1. I totally agree with you. The pace is something else but at the same time so exciting! It’s interesting how you mention the focusing of your thoughts on various topics. I found the same thing and then also too you had to really think about your own position when others challenged your views.

    2. I totally agree the pace of it is something else but at the same time an exciting experience. It’s interesting you mention about the focusing of your thoughts. I too found you really had to take stock of your own opinions at times when legitimately challenged by others.

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