EduTweetOz welcomes Dr Chris Sarra!

This week we are beside ourselves with excitement to welcome Dr Chris Sarra to the EduTweetOz account. I read his book ‘Good Morning Mr Sarra’ earlier this year and was inspired by his honest account of his journey as an educator, in particular as an educator in a remote indigenous community. His passion for education and his message about high expectations contains a powerful message for all educators. Image

By clicking on the photo above you should get taken to an interview by Dr Sarra on Radio National.

You can also here his opinions about current ideas in education by clicking here for an interview with the Central Australia Aboriginal Media Association.

This week Dr Sarra will be tweeting from the @MATSITI (More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Teachers Initiative) conference in Adelaide. Follow the #MATSITI to stay in touch and learn! I can’t wait to hear from Dr Sarra and all the other passionate educators engaging in this conference (you should also follow @IndigenousX to hear from Professor Peter Buckskin throughout the conference, and it’s a great account).

Big thanks for @LukeLPearson for letting us know about this fantastic initiative and for linking up @ChrisSarra as guest tweeter!


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