Welcome back @Liz_loveslife! Looking forward to a great week on @EduTweetOz.

This week we are very pleased to welcome back to hosting duties @Liz_loveslife. Liz has been involved in @EduTweetOz before there even was such a thing! She’s one of our admin team and we are super excited to be hearing from her again. Liz’s passion for education is inspiring (I’m lucky enough to get to have cake with her regularly to be inspired in person and learn from her). Enjoy the week!fc1ffd76c10bc9e314e76e98125a136c_bigger

Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your current role and what does it involve?

I’m a Koori woman who comes from an extremely proud and active family. I’m a Wailwan and Yuin woman so I have the best of both worlds – I’m a saltwater and freshwater woman. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother and Aunty and adore the crazy family I belong to. I’m currently the Principal of a beautiful inner city public school in Sydney. As an educational leader I believe it’s my responsibility to ensure students are what drives everything I do. Every child deserves a quality education and to this end I’m very focused and driven. I want to help my staff be the best educators they can be and always expect the best from themselves and their students. My community have proven to be enthusiastic and extremely supportive of all that we do with their children. I love my job!

What do you plan to talk about on Edutweetoz this week?

During my week as Edutweetoz I will be tweeting from the Buunji conference in Sydney. It is the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Conference.  Buunji means “to share in a sustainable future” The conference will be hosted on the lands of the Gadigal people, it will provide opportunities for a diverse audience to gather, share and celebrate our stories.

Who are your teaching role models and why?

I truly believe every teacher I’ve worked with has taught me something and has built who I am today – I know that sounds twee but I really do believe it. My family and community have also had a huge impact on the teacher I have become.


What issues do you think are most pressing for teachers today?

I really don’t think any of us are fully or appropriately prepared for the huge changes we have ahead of us in terms of systems, structures in NSW.

What are your hopes for education in the next 10 years?

My hopes for education in the next 10 years would be that the educational gap for Aboriginal and disadvantaged students would disappear. I would like to see public education be held in high regard and that teachers are seen as the wonderful dedicated selfless people we really are!

You can follow Liz on @liz_loveslife to stay in touch and keep the learning conversation going. She also tweets pretty awesome pictures of baking that are guaranteed to make you hungry!



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