Edutweetoz reflects on 2013

This week on Edutweetoz is going to be a bit different. Because it’s the last week of the year for many teachers in Australia we thought we’d use this time to look back and ahead to 2014 before Edutweetoz has a bit of a holiday itself. Rather than having one curator, the admin team will be leading the conversation this week. That’s me (@poppyshel), @corisel, @dbatty1 and @liz_loveslife. To be honest it’s a bit daunting taking the account on after all the amazing curators we’ve had this year! Hopefully we’ll live up to the high standards set!

We’re going to set a bit of a structure for the week and have a theme/topic for each day. You can join in the conversation at any time by using the hashtag for each topic (it’s going to be a big week for hash tags!) Here’s the ‘agenda’:
Sunday – #eduthanks Who do you want to thank this year and why? Let us know, spread the love!
Monday – #eduwins – What did you do that worked well and why? Feel free to share successes, tips, ideas.
Tuesday – #educommunity – What’s your community, how have you connected, what difference has it made, how did you get involved in different communities, what tips do you have for others?
Wednesday – #eduminister – If you were the education minister what would you do?
Thursday – #edugoals – What does 2014 hold, what will you try, how will you learn, share, evaluate?
Friday – #eduhols what are you doing to recover, recharge, re-inspire?

Friday will be the last ‘official’ day of the account until January. As the fabulous @dbatty1 put it “everyone needs a holiday, even a twitter account”. There may be periodic tweeting or RTg by the admin team during the hols but it will be sporadic until we return raring to go in 2014 for more learning adventures!

If you’d like to be a guest curator please contact one if us or sign up here
We’d love to have some PE teachers, Creative Arts, TAS, IT, Special Education, Maths teachers and all you other fabulous educators who have so much to share!

We are really excited to be back in the hot seat this week and engaging with you all. If we forget to say it later, thank you all for being such a generous and inspiring community. We can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring.

Enjoy your holidays (and do join in this week)!


2 thoughts on “Edutweetoz reflects on 2013

  1. This is simply brilliant!

    Thank you so much Australian edu friends & Tweeps for your inspiration, sharing, & generosity! I’m blessed & awed by you all! (and I totally cribbed that from the amazing @tina_p !)

    But srsly, I love the idea of giving multiple days of thanks, recognition, and celebration!
    I hope you don’t mind if I join in a wee bit! Enjoy your holiday and break!

    1. Hi Gwyneth,
      Thank you for your encouraging feedback, I’m so glad that you’re excited by the idea. We’re pretty excited to see this idea go international – Twitter is an amazing place!

      We’d love you to join us while we do this.

      All the best for the Christmas season,

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