It’s Not About Us

This is just a quick post to extend our thanks  to those in the EduTweetOz community who have nominated us for the 2014 Edublog Awards. In fact, EduTweetOz is a finalist in 3 categories: Best Educational Use of a Social Network, Best Group Blog and Best Twitter Hashtag or  Chat. To say we were surprised by this is an understatement.

We’re honoured to be finalists but feel we can’t take any credit at all. The account is made up of the voices of educators around Australia, with a different host each week. Any accolades EduTweetOz receive really belong to the many hosts of our account, and the great community that engage with them to further the conversation.

So, congratulations to all our hosts and to our great community of active participants who make the account what it is. You inspire us constantly, and your many different perspectives help us all to broaden our understanding of what it means to be an educator in Australia. We’re thrilled that people have valued this to the extent that it has been recognised in the Edublog Awards.

If you would like to vote, or to see the list of finalists, please click on the links above or on the images on our sidebar.



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