What does the future hold?

We are gearing up for 2015 on EduTweetOz. We are lining up hosts, spreading the word and thinking about what this account means to us and to the EduTweetOz community. Last year we put out a survey to gather some information about what people thought about the account, how they used it and interacted with it and how it could be improved. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to complete it, Donelle (@dbatty1) has been compiling the results and we’ve been using them to think about how we can improve what happens.

One of the compelling things that came out of the survey was confusion about what the account was, with a number of people thinking it was a chat. The purpose of EduTweetOz has never been to host a chat but rather to share the experience, passion and expertise of educators around Australia. To build up a picture of all the different ways in which educators work, the roles they take, the impact they have. This was partly in response to some of the negative publicity educators receive both in the media and in the wider community and came out of a desire to build a community of educators that welcomed everyone and provided an entry point to twitter for those educators just starting out. Each week a new educator hosts the account and shares their life as an educator with the community. Each educator takes a slightly different approach, some hosts might run a chat and that’s fine, it really is up to the host to decide how to spend their week.

We try to ensure that the hosts come from all across Australia, from different sectors, settings, levels of experience and teaching areas. This might mean that you may sign up to host but not be contacted for a period of time. Please don’t worry, it might just mean that we have a lot of teachers from your field or state or sector who have signed up to host and we are trying to spread them out to share diverse experiences. If you ever have any questions about where you’re up to on the list or would like to sign up or learn more about what it entails feel free to contact the admin team: @poppyshel, @corisel, @dbatty1 and @liz_loveslife or email us at edutweetoz@gmail.com.

You can sign up here if you’re interested.

In 2015 we’d love to have some more High School teachers (particularly in Music, Physical Ed/Health, Languages, Design, Technology), Early Years Educators and Tertiary Educators. I mention those specifically as we haven’t had any/many hosts from those areas.

We really do appreciate all the effort the hosts make to tweet, answer questions, pose questions and engage with the community. Thank you to everyone who has taken on the account so far, you’ve been amazing!

Looking forward to more EduTweetOz in 2015!


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