Museum Educators talking all things museums this week on Edutweetoz

This week @EduTweetOz is being cohosted by Dr Narelle Lemon (NL) and Mr Peter Mahony (PM) focusing on museum education.

Throughout the week we are very excited to be tweeting about learning in the museum from the perspective of museum educators, teachers, students and curators. The focus will be on object based pedagogy.

There will be a TweetChat on Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 7:30pm (EST) focusing on the following questions about learning with objects and in informal settings such as museums:

Q1. How do cultural organisations support learning?

Q2. How do you think you could utilise a cultural organisations in your local community for education?

Q3. Why are objects important in the teaching/learning of subjects?

Q4. What objects have you used in your teaching so far?

Q5. How do you access objects (original/replica/recent)?

Q6. How do you use objects to stimulate inquiry?

Q7. What can students do with objects?

Q8. Are some objects more useful than others? What are your experiences, recommendations?

The hashtag #MuseumEdOz will be used to connect teachers and museum educators national as a community during the week and beyond.

Who are your hosts?

Peter Mahony @vergeofperil  

Peter is Manager of Education and Digital Learning for Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. He is responsible for program direction and delivery of the Museum’s booked group learning experiences including the Thinkspace digital learning centre, and is curriculum leader for special projects including The Mars Lab. Peter believes that a revolution in school-museum learning partnerships is just around the corner and lends all available effort to running punk learning experiments to try to find a way. Qualifications include Master of Teaching, Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy, Bachelor of Arts, and Cert IV Workplace Train and Assessment. Peter’s background is in community and performing arts. Back in the day, with the Castanet Club he toured nationally and internationally as performer and musician, including to the Edinburgh Arts Festival. These days Peter sings in Sydney based gospel choir Cafe of the Gate of Salvation.

 Dr Narelle Lemon @rellypops

Narelle is a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne working with pre-service teachers in the areas of arts education, interdisciplinary skills, and integration of digital technology in learning including social media. Her research agenda is focused on engagement and participation in the areas of teacher capacity building in cultural organisations such as galleries, museums and other alternative education settings, social media for professional development including Twitter and Instagram, and working in academia. She works with teachers through visual inquiry, narrative inquiry, action research and participatory research methods. Narelle also coordinates the Master of Teaching (primary) within the School of Education at La Trobe University.

Narelle’s passion is for learning has been throughout her career as a F-12 arts (music and visual arts) and generalist primary teacher and now with future teachers. She firmly believes everyone can learn from each other. She is very much looking forward to cohosting @EduTweetOz with the focus on how museums, and other cultural organisations such as galleries, libraries and aquariums, can support learning across the curriculum as well as for teacher professional development. She is a firm believer that this is a wonderful platform to support one another and form a community to explore learning.

When Narelle is not teaching, researching or tweeting she dabbles in mountain bike riding, photography and drawing.

Narelle blogs at

Connection to Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, New South Wales.  

Peter is Manager of Education and Digital Learning and Narelle is currently a Visiting Research Scholar with the Museum.

Details about the museum can be found here:

Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences

500 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW 2007 Australia

Twitter: @maasmuseum

Instagram: @MAASMUEUM



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