Introducing new additions to the EduTweetOz team

This week we will be spending some time getting to know the new members of the EduTweetOz admin team. As you all know EduTweetOz is run by educators, all of whom have their own full time jobs, and we all know how full time those jobs are. It has been amazing how this community has grown in the past two years, to over 7000 followers! As a result of this growth, and in the interests of the wellbeing of everyone on the admin team, we need to expand. We are really excited to welcome Jennifer English, Allison Fairey and Mark Johnson to the team. Each of these educators has been a huge support to the account over the years and have their own ideas about where we can go next with EduTweetOz. Corinne, Donelle, Liz and myself are really excited to welcome them on board and work together to grow this community even further. I’ll be hosting the account Sunday night and Monday (it’s ages since I’ve taken the account for a spin so I’m looking forward to getting back into the rush of the EduTweetOz timeline), Allison (@amuseED) will have it Tuesday and Wednesday, Jennifer (@jeneng) will host Thursday and Friday, and Mark (@seminyaksunset) will host Saturday and Sunday. We hope this gives you all a chance to know the team a bit more. We are looking forward to any suggestions or feedback you have for us. Thanks for all your support!
Michelle (@poppyshel)


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