Robust Discussions on EdutweetOz: Celebrating Difference

There have been some recent discussions around hosts on EdutweetOz sharing their views in a forthright manner. As long as differing opinions are shared in a respectful way that concentrates on the issues raised, then the admin team has no objections. Sometimes the views expressed by hosts will be controversial and will illicit strong robust differences of opinion from our followers. Education is political. Educators have strong, varied opinions and we love to share them.

While EdutweetOz is evolving (as it should) it is primarily a platform for educators to share their experiences and their beliefs, and at times generate passionate, robust discussion. While certainly not all our hosts wish to engage with controversial ideas (nor should they if they are not comfortable to do so) it is the variety of opinions that we should celebrate. There are plenty of #edchats available where like-minded people share very similar views in an agreeable manner. These chats hold a valuable place in the twittersphere, but it is not the role of EdutweetOz.

We admire the courage and passion of all our hosts who put themselves out there and have a go. Sometimes there will be vigorous differences of opinion, and as long as people are respectful, this is no bad thing. We need to celebrate the amazing and diverse views of our fabulous Australian educators. At the end of the day our hosts are passionate about education and the future of our students. It doesn’t get any better than that!


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