Welcoming Glenn Langford to the EduTweetOz Admin Team

This week we welcome Glenn Langford to the EduTweetOz admin team. If you are a follower of EduTweetOz you would have noticed the administration team taking it in turns to tweet this week in the lead up to Glenn taking on hosting duties for the weekend and then managing our hosts for the month of June.

The admin team are excited to welcome Glenn. Always a staunch supporter of the account, he regularly interacts with our hosts and always creates a ripple (or a tsunami) in #EduTwitter when he hosts the account and posts a list of questions or statements. This always encourages lively discussion and draws in educators from all over Australian to share their views on some of the thorny issues. We seek to provide a platform for robust discussions along with the sharing of experiences and resources among Oz educators. It’s our continuing mission as we grow and expand the account.

We take this opportunity to remind you why the account was created, as published previously in a post from January 2015:

“The purpose of EduTweetOz is to share the experience, passion and expertise of educators around Australia. To build up a picture of all the different ways in which educators work, the roles they take, the impact they have. This was partly in response to some of the negative publicity educators receive both in the media and in the wider community and came out of a desire to build a community of educators that welcomed everyone and provided an entry point to twitter for those educators just starting out. Each week a new educator hosts the account and shares their life as an educator with the community. Each educator takes a slightly different approach, some hosts might run a chat and that’s fine, it really is up to the host to decide how to spend their week. We try to ensure that the hosts come from all across Australia, from different sectors, settings, levels of experience and teaching areas”

Administering and curating the account is something we all enjoy as it adds value to our professional lives. A big part of this is connecting with our followers by inviting them to be hosts and then being present when they take on their week. We invite you to consider hosting so you can yourself experience the benefits of reaching a wider audience and growing your own connections or network of professional educators. Expressions of interest can be submitted here.

We invite you to make personal contact with us if you would like to know more about what hosting entails.

The EduTweetOz Team

Michelle Hostrup: @poppyshel

Donelle Batty: @dbatty1

Allison Fairey: @amuseED

Jennifer English: @JenEng

Glenn Langford: @glenn_langford






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