Please welcome this week’s host, Angela Ryall

I’m just a newbie starting out in the education world. I come from a before and after school care background and prior to that I worked in a prep school in England. I have been casual teaching for a little over twelve months and have found myself settled into a school in the western suburbs of Sydney where I have just finished an 8 week block on stage 1.

I am inspired and motivated everyday by the children I teach. I’m still in the “everything is new” phase of teaching and I find such depth and inspiration by seeing other teachers teach and working out what is effective and not so effective for others. This in turn motivates my practice in the hope that I can constantly improve.

One of the biggest challenges I see is presenting a curriculum that is challenging to adapt to the world around us. Our students need to become problem solvers and critical thinkers and there is little space to integrate these skills in a crammed curriculum. I’m a big believe in technology in education and the benefits associated with kids learning to code. This has been the biggest reward in my early days in starting coding clubs and seeing children interact with a whole new dimension of their learning.

If I had the ability to change something within the education system, I’d definitely push for more project based learning in a holistic curriculum approach. I think it’s definitely the way our system needs to head so students can see the link between the curriculum areas.

This week I’m aiming to give you a glimpse into the university final year and how we are moving into the workplace. Small steps preservice teachers a taking to make big changes.

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