2016, the year in review

2016 has seen a number of behind the scenes changes at EduTweetOz. The account’s original administrators Donelle Batty, Corinne Campbell and Michelle Hostrup chose to hand the reigns over to Jennifer English, Allison Fairey and Glenn Langford so they could focus on other projects including a return to school and two promotions. Mark Johnson also chose to hand over his administrator role and we thank him for all that he did in 2015 and 2016. The current administrators thank Donelle, Michelle and Corinne for having the brilliant idea to initiate and develop this account and wish them well in their future endeavours. The administration of this account is purely voluntary and the success of the account is due in no small part to the hours they spent developing and running EduTweetOz.

Allie, Glenn and I would like to wish all our followers a happy and healthy rest during the summer. The account will be resting until late January.

We would like to acknowledge all of the wonderful weekly hosts we have had this year and thank them for making EduTweetOz the amazing network of educators that it is. Below is a list of all of our 2016 hosts and a quote from those who answered our blog questions about what EduTweetOz is.

@mauriziovespa  Maurizio Vespa

I believe EduTweetOz provides an opportunity to share people’s expertise and life experiences:

  • Opportunity to share knowledge
  • Inspires dialogue and fuels critical thinking
  • Builds relationships and broadens our individual networks

@WesHeberlein Wes Heberlein

As more and more in education accept social media use in a professional capacity I see EduTweetOz playing a leadership role in connecting teachers and being a platform for shared discovery.

@shortcomp Kelly Bauer

EduTweetOz, to me, is a form of professional development, and the idea of having guest tweeters means that there is constantly a different perspective of education presented.

@robbielove79 Robert Love

I see EduTweetOz as playing a vital role in connecting teachers and leaders to share good practice and challenge our individual conceptions of education.

@rtillsley Robert Tillsley

I see EduTweetOz as being vital for the cross-pollination of ideas. Teachers, principals and more have taken to twitter to support each other to be better educators.

@hostbrian Brian Host

I have seen twitter over the past five years become a way educators can create a culture of guerrilla professional development. EduTweetOz has been one of the longest standing institutions in the twitter sphere for education in Australia and I am proud to continue on its heritage.

@nickpastianas Nick Patsianas

@TiffanySinton Tiffany Sinton 

@kimbowa Kim Flintoff

@JoelBSperanza Joel Speranza

I’m relatively new to twitter but I have loved following EduTweetOz from the moment I joined. Each new curator has offered a unique perspective and each has shared their passions and broadened my views as a result.

@Lilylauren Lauren Sayer

I see EdutweetOz playing a huge role in the flattening of educational structures so that everyone gets the chance to share their ideas and innovate.  I think that Edutweetoz allows the Australian educational community to embrace the collective genius and begin to design new ideas that change bring about collective change.

@Kazegraham Karen Graham

EduTweetOz is exactly what I value in education. Collaboration. A platform to share and be connected. Everybody is on an equal platform with all opinions valued.

@jjash Jenny Ashby

EdutweetOZ can be a place where liked minded people come together and share ideas, inspire, question and discuss all things about learning.

@asteroidproject Damian Marley

@pipcleaves Pip Cleaves

@gabrielletrinca Gabrielle Trinca

@nichall17 Nic Hall

EduTweetOz gives teachers the opportunity to share their passions. It provides a platform where teachers can explore what is going on around them, discussing ideas, sharing successes, lamenting failures, but most importantly giving each other encouragement. EduTweetOz gives a voice to teachers like myself.

@drnomyn Naomi Barnes

@MatthewBeggs Matthew Beggs

I think EduTweetOz not only helps provide a chance for teachers to interact with each other but it also provides us with opportunities to see us as people. I think sometimes we can get so bogged down in our working life that we can forget to actually remember that we are people as well, with our own things that makes us tick and drive us. I think I just want to find the things that make us inside and outside the classroom, as if we can have a greater understanding and acceptance of the varied experiences that we have, it ultimately gives us a greater appreciation of the things that make every single stakeholder in the educational experience tick.

@reemeyers Sherrie Myers

EduTweetOz provides a platform to share, inform and discuss on education.

@elketeaches Elke Schneider

EduTweetOz is a great place for discussion to occur about education in Australia. Twitter allows us to remove hierarchical labels, which can often get in the way at school or education events, and let us have real conversations about issues in education. EduTweetOz is also a great way to connect Australian educators and this may help educators feel like they belong and also build their Professional Learning Networks (PLN). It doesn’t matter if we agree on an issue or not, we all know that the reasons behind our, sometimes passionate, tweets is a love of teaching and learning.

@janiekibble Jane Kibble

It’s always interesting to read of people’s special interests and the teaching and learning environments that they exist in. This account allows people to showcase their passions and their special skills.

@robbielove79,   @misscmorrison Robert Love and Chantelle Morrison

C: I’m excited about the collaboration and networking – we’re all in this together!

@mrascience Vatche Ansourian

EduTweetOz allows educators a powerful platform to be able to discuss and bring up issues in education. It is a wonderful way to showcase what teachers are doing and allow them to voice their concerns and thoughts in a safe place.

@aly_ciab9 Alycia Bermingham

The varied discussions are so tremendously important to opening eyes and minds to new perspectives.

@michelle_neil Michelle Neil

I see EduTweetOz as being that stepping stone to collaboration, particularly  in STEM vs education. There are a LOT of scientists and science communicators here on Twitter.

@yvetteposh  Yvette Poshoglian

My teaching eyes were opened when I began using twitter as a learning and networking tool. While working with pre-service teachers finishing their university studies, I implored them to join twitter and underscored how important social media is in developing their networks and in particular how useful threads like #edutweetoz are. I have met loads of colleagues through twitter who I now work with in a professional capacity. The movers and shakers in our profession are on twitter. The conversation is happening right here.

@violet_verbena Violet Verbena

@DALynch46 Danielle Lynch

@wrenasmir Craig Smith

I feel that EduTweetOz provides a valuable opportunity to keep the momentum of dialogue going week to week between all tweeting teachers in Australia. We all need to keep talking, keep thinking, keep identifying needs and conjuring solutions, and initiatives like EduTweetOz I feel are helping work towards this.

@angelaryall93  Angela Ryan

@OliviaIlic Olivia Ilic

@EduTweetOz is about dialogue.

@eduemum Sally-Anne Robertson

EduTweetOz is a fabulous resource for bringing together educators in a non-commercial, collegial manner. I love that each week we are introduced to others who are involved in education who bring their various backgrounds, experiences and opinions to the “Twitter table”.

@joclyne1 Jo Clyne

I love twitter as an educational networking tool. I’m excited that through accounts like EduTweetsOz educators can access an international peer group to provide ideas, support and encouragement for their teaching practice.

@mrkrndvs Aaron Davis

Giving voice to some of the amazing educators on the web.

@aliceleung Alice Leung

EduTweetOz is a great way for teachers to share their passion of teaching and learning with the wider Australian community and the wider global community.

@jimlloyd82 Jim Lloyd

The account is a great idea, and has had many great educators as host during my time on Twitter. It’s a good forum for hearing from a variety of different educators (something I value highly – vive la difference!).

@debsnet Deborah Netolicky

I find EduTweetOz a wonderful opportunity to get to know a range of Australian educators by experiencing their ways of hosting the account and engaging with their diverse interests and approaches.

While I think the power of EduTweetOz is in the community, not the host.

@scottmillmanEDU Scott Millman

EduTweetOz was one of the first accounts I followed when I joined Twitter, and I love the shared experience. Twitter debates can be vicious and polarising (I’m looking at you, Angry British EduTwitter), so it’s nice that Australian educators have this shared account that values collegiality, community and connection. (I mean, EduTweetUK would last about a minute!)

I recently said that EduTweetOz is a great way to taste someone’s brain and decide if you want a second helping.

@wentale Wendy Taleo

@benjaminzonca1 Ben Zonca

Keeping the conversation going, whatever that conversation may be, is incredibly important, and EduTweetzOz is the perfect platform for a diverse selection of educators to do exactly that. Giving a voice to teachers brings them out of their individual context, offering both the host account, and those they interact with a chance to challenge perspectives, be challenged themselves, and to strengthen the Twitter’s educational community.

@annadelconte Anne Van Der Graaf

EduTweetOz helps keep teachers informed about educational issues in Australia. It is a support network and a forum for teasing out ideas.


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