Please welcome back this week’s host Jason Borton

I’m an educator at heart. I have been at school my entire life having left school to go onto university and then back to the classroom as a teacher.
I am born and bred in Sydney and went to Asquith Boys High School before heading to the University of Technology for my teacher training. My professional journey began with a phone call on the Friday before school started in 1996 with an offer to start work in Canberra on a K/1 class the following Monday. I packed all of my belongings into my car and headed off on an adventure. To be honest I had no idea what I was doing and spent most of that first year copying my experienced colleague in the classroom next door. She was a life saver and didn’t even know it.
After working for the next 15 years in seven different schools as a classroom teacher and school leader I spent the last 5 years as the Principal of Richardson Primary School. In September last year I won the position of Director, Learning and Teaching in the ACT Education Directorate. I am very much missing being in the school environment but at the same time relishing the challenge that my current role is offering.
I think there are a number of major issues facing education in the current climate. The two biggest ones are
– the focus on high stakes standardised testing
– non-educators dominating the public discussion on education.

I hope to use this week to listen and learn from you all about some significant educational issues. I’m looking forward to the engagement and hope I can offer some value for you all.

You can read Jason’s previous blog post here.


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