Step right up, Ian Van Biezen (@Ianvbz)!

I have always wanted to be a teacher, and a major influence was my year 9 math teacher a story which I have shared on my Youtube channel. I haven’t posted on this channel for awhile, though I am going to be revamping the channel tomorrow. My background in education is an adult based. Before I decided to undertake my University degree in Primary Education in 2016, I was involved in the Education of Adults during my employment with Job Services Australia, the employment based agencies that help those on Centrelink find alternative work or training. My role was an employment consultant, I would conduct training on application writing, interview skills, and presentation. I spent over 5 years in that industry. 

I am currently an undergrad in my 2nd year of my primary education degree, My most recent education experience was a 6 month leadership role, working with Indigenous students at a local Indigenous School, running a program called Numeracy buddies where myself and my team would go in once a week and help tutor these students in their math skills, they were year 7 to 9 students learning 3 – 5 years behind where they should be, this was a voluntary role, currently I am volunteering once a week I the school I completed my practicum at in June teaching mainly math and science to a year 6 class. 

The motivation for keeping me focused on my Undergrad degree is motivation for learning! I think education is so important and that all students need good quality education and access to teacher’s who are passionate. I go to the school where I volunteer and I can’t wait. I enjoy seeing that lightbulb moment when I have taught something! I also love getting to know the students, their backgrounds and the feedback they give to me each week helps me grow and develop as a pre service teacher. 

One of the major challenges I see today from my experience in the Classroom is a lack of Government funding, particularly for those students with learning difficulties who need the extra assistance in the classroom, the funding seems to be in short supply in providing funding for Education Assistant’s and other useful equipment to assist these students to grow and learn. I also think the lack of technology in classrooms, particularly in the public education sector, is below expectations, I would think with the push for students to be more ITC aware, there needs to be a push to provide every child access to a computer or tablet within the classroom, particularly in the remote and LSE schools. 

I would like to see more project based learning across all Schools from K – 12 and move away from the traditional worksheets. 

EduTweetoz, I have only been apart of the chat and discussion for about a year, and I can see the influence the discussion is having on teachers and many are taking ideas they are learning and discussing back to their classrooms to implement or try! I believe EduTweetoz, will continue to grow and play part in the professional development and growth of teachers in Australia. 

As a pre service teacher, I am learning a great deal from just participating in Twitter and EduTweetoz chats, it is certainly helping my growth and development and this will only benefit my future students and myself as an educator. I hope that EduTweetoz, continues to share ideas, discuss education in Australia and if it is not already doing so, shape education policy, after all the teachers are at ground zero. As a pre-service teacher, I hope I can lead a successful chat as a facilitator, I believe it will help me grow and also continue my learning journey and hopefully attract other pre-service teachers as well. 

On my Twitter feed you can see my links to my blog post and Youtube channel. 


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